Here at The Daydreamer, my mission is to bring joy to your wardrobe.

ABOUT The Daydreamer

HI! I’m Bella

I used to think my body was the problem with fashion. That maybe I just didn’t look right, and that’s why I couldn’t find clothes that worked for me.

That all changed when I learned to sew. Suddenly it clicked for me… my body was never the problem! The fashion industry’s narrow minded view of who might want gorgeous clothes was the problem.

Fast forward to 2020, and in the midst of lockdown, desperate for something to make me feel joy, I founded Made by Belles. I wanted everyone else who’s ever found themselves in despair in a shop changing room to find clothes that sparked joy instead.

Four years on, that early philosophy is still at the core of The Daydreamer London and The Daydreamer Bridal, the brands that have grown out of that early business dream. Here at The Daydreamer HQ, I believe that great style has no size, and all bodies are worthy of great clothes. I now offer a mix of sustainably produced, UK manufactured pieces, handmade to order pieces, and custom designs, all designed by me and sharing the same Daydreamer DNA: to make you feel great in your clothes!

I source all of my fabrics carefully from small wholesalers focusing on short supply chains, ethical fabric production, and Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified cotton where possible. My handmade clothes are made to order, a sustainable method of production that results in less waste. My manufactured clothes are manufactured in the UK for sustainability, and are ordered in small quantities to reduce overstock and increase my brand’s sustainability.

what I believe in



The fashion industry is responsible for a lot of environmental damage but loving style isn’t inherently damaging. I focus on made to order production, short supply chains, and ethically-sourced fabrics to show a different way to love fashion.


Size Inclusivity

I strongly believe that to be an ethical brand, you need to cater to every body which means being size inclusive as standard, not as an afterthought. My standard size range goes up to a size 28, but if that doesn’t work for you, I offer custom sizing too!



Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Wear what you love and make every day feel special.

These are a few of my favorite things
Rain drumming on the skylights; morning cat cuddles; empty art galleries; cosy pubs; Sundays browsing markets; turning a piece of fabric into something I’ll love forever; the first warm day of the summer; lunches that last until dinner & dinners that last until morning.
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