Made to order clothes are special investments, and I want your new garment to fit you perfectly! Therefore I have provided a size guide on each individual product page to help you choose the right size, as well as additional information about the suggested fit of each garment to help you choose the right size.

The size guide gives your measurements, and on newer pieces I have also shared the finished measurements of the pieces themselves so you can get an understanding of how they should fit.

My size guide is accurate according to your body measurements. Don’t let the fact that you might be a smaller or larger size in my size guide than in some other brands put you off! If you order according to your body measurements, the piece will fit.

All of my pieces are designed to be flexible and adjustable to fit different sizes and shapes so that you can wear them even if your weight or shape changes.

To make sure that you’re able to choose the correct size, here’s how to take your measurements accurately.

How to measure

  • Measure yourself wearing the kind of underwear you would wear with the clothes, using a soft tape measure. If you don’t have a soft tape measure, you can use a non stretch piece of string to measure yourself and then measure that against a hard tape measure, but I would strongly recommend buying a soft tape measure! Or picking up some of the paper ones next time you go to IKEA!
  • Different types of bras can affect the size and shape of your breasts, so don’t measure yourself in a compressing sports bra if you’re planning to wear a padded bra with the dress!
  • If possible, measure yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror so that you can see you’re doing it accurately. Make sure the tape measure is level all the way around and not drooping down at the back
  • When measuring, don’t suck in your stomach or pull the tape measure too tight or you’ll have to suck in your stomach the entire time you’re wearing the garment which is no good!

If the size guide is a long way from your measurements and you aren’t sure if the size will fit, you can message me via the contact page, drop me a DM on Instagram, or leave a note in the box at checkout and we can discuss the size measurements further! You can also include your measurements in the box at checkout and I can measure them against the pattern pieces to make sure they’ll fit you and let you know if a different size might work better.

 Measurements to take

Full bustMeasure around the fullest point of your bust (usually the nipples) while wearing a bra. Breathe in and out a couple of times to make sure that you aren’t measuring too tightly.
WaistMeasure around the narrowest point of your body, or above the belly button. Don’t suck your stomach in, you want your clothes comfy! Try measuring your waist while sitting down to make sure that your garment won’t be too tight when you sit down.
HipMeasure around the widest point. Depending on your shape, this could either be around your hip bones or it could be a little lower, around the widest point of your butt. All my garments are designed with loose skirts which are free around the hips so your hip measurements are likely to fit no matter what.
Skirt lengthIf you’d like the skirt length altered, take this measurement. Measure from your belly button to the hem of the skirt. It’s easiest to do this standing looking in the mirror so that you can see the number on the tape measure without bending over and distorting the measurement.
Full dress lengthIf you’re measuring the full dress length, hold the tape measure at your shoulder at the mid point (where a bra strap would go) and let it fall down your front over the fullest part of your bust to the hem length that you’d want. Again, it’s easiest to do this looking in the mirror so you can see the number without it distorting.